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The Gift of the Last Chance Christmas Fair


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Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

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The Gift of the Last Chance Christmas Fair


Well  the Last Chance Christmas Fair for 2012 has come and gone, but what I got out of it was incredible.  It was not the financial part that was incredible, but the amount of interesting people I interacted with.

For instance, take the woman that flew  to my table on the Sunday morning and said, “Now, when you fall in love with something you know it is meant to be.”  She ‘fell in love with’ a medium size red and green striped gourd on my display tree, one that no one else had paid attention to all weekend!.  She held it in her hand as she spent the rest of the time looking at all my items on the table.  And in the end, after approximately twenty minutes or so she studied the treasure again, and said, No, she had to put it back and get what she needed, not what she wanted.  She placed the little treasure respectfully back on the tree and said, ‘We need to put it right here so everyone can see it.’  She said that she may be back and was on her way to check out the rest of the beautiful displays.

About an hour later I saw her walk by with a wave and headed out the door.


When I came home that night after a long exhausting day, I went on my email as normal and lo and behold an email with subject line “Small Red and Green gourd’ caught my eye.  The email was from a woman. It said that she was the woman who had come by my table, picked up the red and green ornament and said that she had to put it back because she needed to get other things on her list first.  She emailed me because she could not stop thinking about the gourd.  I suggested meeting her at her house but she said that she had been over every inch of my website and wanted to come over and see more of my work.  She stressed however, that she would only bring the money for the ornament.


So we made a date.  Well the day came and she did not show.  A few days later an email popped up with ‘cancelling’ in the subject line.  It turns out her day was filled with shopping for a new kitten.  She also mentioned that she was hesitant to come over as she did not want to fall in love with another piece that she did not need.  So through much communication we set another date and I would meet up with her at her place. The meeting was my ‘gift’ from the last Chance Christmas Fair.

I asked her about her life and here is her magical story:

She started out in Quebec and through a series of events decided to head to the states.  She writes a book and becomes a world renowned author in fact appears on several talk shows including, Oprah Winfrey; she starts her own business and becomes very successful at that; she has some bad experiences with the business, winds up in a depression and eventually decides to move back to Canada. Of all places the places in Canada, she winds up in BC and now resides  in Victoria.  She is in her seventies and we had the most powerful visit that I ever have had in my lifetime.  And this adventure was my gift; and it all occurred from a little gourd on my display table.

The ‘gift’ was the unique experience of talking to someone special and the magical hour spent in this woman’s presence. My life is forever changed because of this experience.  You never know who you are speaking to or where the person has come from when you meet them at your table.

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