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Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

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I have been having fun and what a joy it is to create figurines.  These are my newest adventure into gourd art and I must say I am glad that I leaped into the unknown and branched further into creativity.

I have created several figurines in the past few months and I will continue to do so.  The figurines that I have just created use paverpol, gourd inks and dyes, little gourds to embellish, and ribbons.

Comfort: SOLD

Comfort.  What is better and more soothing than a great hug.  Comfort from a friend, a family member.     Click on the picture to see full view.  The height is approximately 8″.  Price 325.00

The Embrace:

The Embrace is genuine.  They are holding each other out of love, trust, happiness, strength.  Click on the picture to see full view.  The height is approximately 8″.  Price 325.00


Montieth the Apprentice

Montieth the Apprentice

Montieth (or Monty for short) is an apprentice.  He is still working on being a wizard and ready, willing and open to learning.  He is wearing a gourd wizard cap, embellished with little beads.  His cape is made out of cloth that has been hardened with paverpol.

He is holding his bowl that will be filled with magic.  His arms are made of florist wire wrapped in red embroidery thread. His body is pyroengraved with lines and handpainted with gourd paints. He is balanced on a felt bottomed caster.

Merdwyn:  Sold

Merdwyn is carrying a bowl which can be filled with opportunities.

She is open to anything the universe brings her way and ready to fulfill life with abundance.

Her dress is has a pyroengraved design which is hand painted.  Her arms are made of flower wire which is wrapped with embroidery floss.  Her black is hair is made out of waxed linen. She has a gourd purse which is packed with magic.  The ribbons keep her grounded



and she is balanced on a felt bottomed caster. Merdwyn stands approximately 9″ high and is about 3″ around her widest diameter.

Emily: SOLD

Emily is fully of mirth and glee.  She is mischievous but at the same time humble.



Emily’s dress has a pyroengraved pattern of blues and greens and yello. Her hair is a beautiful carrot red.  She is holding a little blue gourd vessel and she sits on a felt bottom caster. Emily stands about 8″ high and is about 4″ around her widest diameter.

Honour: SOLD

Honour is dancing to life.  She is ready to accept all life gives her and acknowledges lifes turmoils as well as blesses.  She knows that she can handle life and embraces uncertainty.



Honour has ribbonned hair that is coated with paverpol so it flows gently away from her body. She has several gourd vessels at her feet as she also honours nature.  She has pyroengraved feathers on her body as well red and green patterns which compliment her ribboned hair.  Her arms reach for the sky.

Honour is about 13″ tall and about 3″ inches around her widest diameter.

Mehdoe: SOLD

Mehdoe believes in all that is nature.  She holds a vessel so that she can gather the blessings and magic of all that is natural.  She has red hair that hangs in tendrils.  Her dress has a pyroengraved pattern which has been handpainted with gourd inks and dyes.



She stands approximately 8″ inches high and about 4″ around her widest diameter.

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