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Monday, September 12th, 2011

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DIY Lightbox


So, I tried the DIY light box that of our gourd members mentioned in her posting, and it worked great!  I really like the way the bowl and the black, white and red mask turned out.




I just slapped the light box together because I wanted to see how it would turn out.   The beauty of this project is that I can take it apart until next time now that I know how simple it is.  Here is the site I used and I just used the written instructions.  There is a great how to video on this site as well.

I used  a 18” by 22” x 12” cardboard box (bought at Staples), white tissue paper and duck tape.  My lighting source was two of my halogen desk lamps (could not afford to buy the flashes).  I put it all together in a matter of half and hour and took the pictures in the middle of my kitchen floor.

The two masks are for a show – the Vic West Art Quest – which  is usually a studio tour, but this year the participating artists just wanted to do a one month show, so I needed to create something to hang for the show. The red mask is already done and is hanging as we speak in one of the venues.  The black and white is still in progress and I have another one that I have just started.  (I need three pieces altogether.)

The coiled bowl is one that I made last year.  I have yet to sell it.

Now I too am ready for any other photo opportunities that come my way!




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