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About Me

I am a gourd artist. I have been working with gourds since 2000. I have always been creative. As a child my dream was to be an artist because I loved the mythological romance of the life of an artist but most of all, there was a need and an urge to create.

I was introduced to the gourd through a 1 day workshop, that was put on by another gourd artist who lives in Victoria.

I love the creativity that gourds allow me . My intuition and subconscious drive my work.

I can apply any technique on a gourd – carving, cut out fretwork, painting, wood burning, coiling or collage. My all time favorite tool is the rotary carver. Reds are my preferred colour; inks and dyes are my favourite type of medium. These allow and enhance the natural designs of the gourd and allow the designs imprinted on the gourd to show through.

When my work is going well I am filled with a great sense of achievement and accomplishment.

When people view my work I want them to find joy and delight. I want them to find the whimsy and the play.

I never really know what the final work will look like until I am truly done.

Gourds remind me that I do not know the always know the outcome and that there are many uncertainties along the way. They encourage me to take risks and think outside the box.

Here’s to the gourd – nature’s creation.


Raven Wyntre-Clarkson